Leopard Prints and Marrakech

Last posting on this blog explained that pareos and Havaiana tongs were no longer "de rigeur" poolside. Pressure is on when you have half of Paris transported to La Mamounia for the Christmas Holidays........not to mention India and Tatiana who all of a sudden decided to pay attention to what their Mom was wearing. Since when did they decide to care? Could have given me some warning, right?

Honestly, I love this pant. It was not an easy purchase 5 years ago. The salesperson in the Roberto Cavalli shop in St. Tropez explained to me that it was a man's pant and not for ladies. I explained that I did not care and wanted to try it on. I swear to you I had to tell her more than once that I was aware that it was for men, but I truly wanted to try it on. She gave an exasperated sigh and handed it over. I was immediately seduced by that wonderful leopard print and the softness of the silk. I wanted it!!! The salesperson in question was so exasperated with me. Personally, she was persuaded by the ridiculousness of purchasing this man's pant. Would you not vote on this being perfect for us daring ladies as opposed to some man who did not know how in the hell to accessorise this!!!

Personally, I was persuaded that it would be another article that I would haul around the world and wear with great happiness when the occasion presented itself.

Voila.......situation presenting itself........away with the pareo and away with the rubber flip-flops. Linda presents herself poolside in Leopard Print Roberto Cavalli men's pyjama pants.

You can tell me what you think. Honestly, it will not hurt my feelings. Thus far after 5 years, I do believe I am the only one "getting" why these are so great. Oh, just get over it, everybody.

Linda loves these pants. Worn today with my trusty old gold Tropezienne sandals and that "take everywhere" stone colored crew neck from Crimson. I had to ask a stranger to take these pictures. My girls prefer me back in my pareo and my rubber tongs. I like to think they are just jealous. I will never let them borrow my leopard print pyjama pant. They swear they will never ask.

Lovin' ya, leavin' ya.......Linda

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