Miami Blues

Indulge me one last Miami post.

It has been exactly one week today that I arrived back in my home city of Paris. Let me see now, it has rained and then it has showered and we had a 5 minute sun break and then back to the regular routine of cold and rainy. Some or most of you are saying, "What is her problem, it is still Paris, or others are saying "It is winter, so this is normal". I agree but I LOVE sunshine and I NEED sunshine. It just makes me feel alive and happy. I also love being outside and breathing air that is not heated or refrigerated. Now, that sounds normal to me.

So until I finally find that island or seaside that I can call home, I get to keep looking in my spare time. Now, how bad is that? I will certainly appreciate any and all suggestions from you, my friends. Next vacation in February. Where shall I go?

Next question... Why do women not like sky blue? I only ask because each time I order sweaters for my boutique in sky blue, they do NOT sell. I keep trying, but it just does not interest the average customer. My salesgirls are so tired of me insisting. They say Give It Up. It does NOT work. I say just ONE more time. It is so Pretty. I love my pretty blue crew neck sweater that I took to Miami and wore with my wonderful 45RPM jeans. Now that I am back in Paris, I love wearing it with my grey flannel pants, or my Vanessa Bruno navy heavy cotton pants or even my black Prada jodphurs. Pale (sky) blue goes with so many colors that it is almost a non color. Then in spring wear it with........O.K. too soon. Still, I will give it another go come spring for Crimson. However, this is the last time. So, get smart, girls........I'm begging you to love blue like I do!!! I will be so sad not to see powder blue on my shelves in Crimson. Feel sorry for me yet?

I did not think so........Love you, anyway, L

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