Sunday lunch in Versailles (The Town)

A few weeks ago, my best friend Grace, asked me if I would like to go for a drive in her new car. Take it for a spin to Versailles for lunch. AM I sounding obnoxious or what? New little Mercedes sports car.....lunch in big deal....normal routine for a sunday afternoon with nothing better to do, right? Embarrassed to admit this, but it has been about 31 years since I last visited the Kingdom of the Sun King. This is what Louis the Fourteenth is referred to as Le Roi du Soleil. But then you all know that.

Grace had made reservations at the Hotel Trianon Palace where the restaurant looks out on the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. Not that it dampered our spirits or the fun of the day, but it was pouring rain. We just could not put the top down on her new convertible. I had so wanted to put on my sunglasses and tie a silk scarf around my head a la Grace Kelly. Too bad.

The lunch was nice, the wine was even better, but the desert was perfect. I'm thinking come spring, I need to make another trip and actually ignore the 1000 tourist buses and pop in to visit the Sun King's quarters. Had bad could that be?

Those photos should be more promising. Difficult to take pictures in the pouring rain.

Thanks Grace. Can I borrow your car when I go back?

Matia BaroniComment