A Girl, a Guy and a Bonnet

This is the story of Crimson's cashmere cable-knit bonnet. Christian bought it for Justine's brother for Christmas. Justine, who has an eye and a talent for choosing beautiful classics that fit her modern day lifestyle in L.A., bought herself one in black. Christian, deciding he needed one to get through the winter, once back at his university in Boston, bought his in grey. It would seem that when Christian's beautiful Mom, Jennifer, saw the bonnet she requested he return to Crimson and purchase her a black one. In the end, Christian felt he also needed it in black. He is beautiful dressed in black......or pink or green or orange or any color is my guess!!!

Their smiles and energy are contagious. I appreciate their presence in my shop.

They made my day. Please pop in and say hello when you are back in Paris.

Hoping you all have a good and productive week. Linda

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