Miscellaneous in Marrakech

La Mamounia is a marvelous hotel. Owned by the King and recently underwant a 3 year and A LOT of euros renovation. Their swimming pool is pure luxury.

However, for my next trip, I would love to find a smaller and cozier place. Marrakech is rich with renovated Riads and smaller boutique hotels that have amazing little gardens with all the necessities of visiting this beautiful city. The search will be fun in itself.

I have actually mastered this art of pouring mint tea. NO, I am exagerating. I do enjoy seeing how high I can go with the tea-pot though.

Sophie's sandals. She always finds the prettiest shoes.

Tatiana's sandals. Found in Miami at Steve Madden's for 39 dollars. Well worth the investment.

Considering India, Tatiana and myself all bought a pair.

The view from my terrace at La Mamounia with the Atlas Mountains in the background.

This is a necklace I have put together over the years. I call it my charm necklace. The whistle is a vintage Tiffany piece from the 1940's. Anecdote being that it was a gift from a lovely gentleman who told me if you ever need me, "Just Whistle". Each visit to Marrakech I always go to the souk and buy another Hand of Fatima. There are new ones made in silver and not expensive (starting around 10 dollars), but I always try to find some great vintage ones that have been made by loving hands. These are also easy to find and the price varies. However, I always stay within a 50 dollar budget.

Marrakech is a magical place to visit. The people of the city are incredibly kind and welcoming and respectful. I heard many languages around the city. Many americans, italians, english, spanish, german and french were there for the holidays, and this brightened the city even more. The people in Marrakech depend on tourism for their economy and I was so happy to see that the international community felt good about being there.

Have a good weekend, Linda

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