Classical Updates

O.K. Let me set the scene. My daughter, Tatiana, and a few friends decided to meet up in London for a weekend of museum and gallery hopping. Hey, I like that!!! Sounds better to me than a weekend in NYC club hopping. What I really liked, is that she invited Mom and Dad to tag along for a lunch. Yes, we hopped the EuroStar for that 2 and 1/2 hour train trip from Paris. What a treat to meet up with a group of good looking young adults who are out to enlighten themselves with a bit of culture. Nothing but positive here.

London weather was perfect for this time of year. NO RAIN!!!

I did make Tatiana and Sam a bit crazy with my photo shooting, but they were polite in the end.

For me it does not get any better than the way these two were dressed. They are a statement in how to be a la mode, fashionable, up-to-date, actual and at the same time with a "touch of class" or "classical".

Sam has a very nonchalant "look of the day" attitude. His choice of suiting, shirt and tie are very coherent in their slim silhouette. Haircut and unshaven? Clean and sharp just like Sam.

Tatiana kept it girly but a bit quirky as usual. She masters that, always.

Her studded black boots are oldies but goldies from Chloe. I bought them for her 3 years ago and they remain her favorite. Chloe has just re-edited these for their Spring 2012 collection. They have been produced in black, red (Kate Bosworth and Sienna Miller's favorite)

and a beautiful beige. So, if you missed out on them, now is your chance. I still torture myself as to whether they are too young for me........I LOVE those boots.

That long flowing pale pink skirt is a buy from Rag and Bone, and she teamed it perfectly with a classic navy cashmere blazer from Arthur & Fox (her father's clothes line in Paris). Her cable knit scarf and bonnet are from Crimson (her mom's boutique in Paris).

All of this to say, Kids, you make us proud.

With love from Paris, Linda

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