Marrakech Made of Pink and Gold and Red

I never tire of taking this picture. However, I promise it will be the last time I post it. You see, this is the view from my hotel. I observe Marrakech change colors with the progression of the day's light. The constants are the pinks of the mud buildings and the golden glow of light.

I am always tempted to buy one of these vintage leather bags.

The thing is that they are for sale all over the souk, but the shop owners feel they need to update them with beadwork. Actually, I am still looking for one that has not been updated.

Seriously, girls, one or two of these beautiful amber necklaces would be great this summer. Team it with a white tee or a floaty summer dress, and VOILA, you look exotic. By the way, it might not be real amber, but for the price, you cannot go wrong. Now, why did I not think about buying a few dozen for my shop and website. Yea, next time!!!

This is my terrace. That subtle shade of Marrakech pink and black artisanal (hand-made) lamp are a picture for any decorator with a discerning eye. Well, I like it, anyway.

Riads make up the inner part of the Medina. The Medina being the center of old Marrakech.

There are many narrow winding streets in the Medina and behind tall pink and gold walls are these beautiful inner-city homes. All built by hand.......the mud walls, the latice wood work and the mosic tiles that decorate a wall or compose an entire floor. However, this one is now a place open to the public for having a mint tea and some delicious morrocan pastries.

A typical front door of a Riad. Call it vintage, call it weathered, call it an antique and call it pricelessly beautiful. Once again, just my opinion.

View from a terrace in the souk overlooking a building where they are still hand dying wool for weaving rugs. Notice the yarns drying and some newly made rugs drying after having been washed before being placed in the souk to sell. Notice "Le Main de Fatima" painted on the wall. I will be posting on this icon next.

This is not just one lone wall. All the walls in the Medina of Marrakech are like this. Aged with a beautiful patina.

Another poetic and beautiful picture just around the corner. This is what I feel when walking in the Medina.

The people of Marrakech are incredibly welcoming. They are all smiles and never hesitate to say "Soyez bienvenue". This means You are Welcomed. They always touch their hearts after greeting each other. They have touched mine with their kindness.

With love from the land of sunshine and delicious dates!!! Be back soon. Next time I must make a trip to the neigboring seaport of Essouira.......

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