Serge Lutens Forever

There is something about a girl and her perfume. For me it is so feminine to wear perfume.

Perfume says a lot about a person. However, I am not sure a woman always knows how to chose a perfume that suits her. This is where I think commercialism risks diaster at a certain moment. It is a chemical thing. Certain perfumes do not work well on certain skin. I am a bit biased on how perfume should be worn. A little goes a long way.

Personally, I think it should always be low keyed, just a hint of........keep it pretty and mysterious. It is so difficult for me to find a perfume that does not give me an instant headache. So, you can imagine my delight in finding my second perfume maker in a year. I have already spoken to you about Killian and my Rose Oud. However, I have changed my opinion on this, because I became increasingly aware that barely 15 minutes after spraying, there was no longer even a lingering hint of a spray.

Enter Serge Lutens. I have been aware of this man and his genuis for sometime. I just never seriously studied the question for myself. Funny, how I would admire his beautiful bottles and the exotic names of his perfumes. However, after learning that he has created his universe of perfumes while living for the last 20 years in Marrakech, my curiosity was tweaked. You all know my on-going love affair with Marrakech. I will try and not get side tracked while speaking about his perfumes, but this will be difficult. He has actually spent 20 years renovating a beautiful Riad in the center of Marrakech with hundreds on local artisans while still living in a 20 square meter studio on the outskirts of town. I have read that his studio gives onto a beautiful garden, however. This must be his oasis. O.K. back to the perfume.......

I have actually been on his perfume stand at Bon Marche about a dozen times trying different ones each time. I spray and then wander around the store for about 20 minutes trying to get a feeling about a particular odor. Not a decision that should be made easily, ladies. Take the time to understand what a perfume says to you. It should be PERSONAL. For me, Serge Lutens perfumes are highly personal. They evoke so many different images and emotions. For me, they are the opposite of "highly commercial" and industrial. They are about love.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you

Matia BaroniComment