Times They Are A Changin'

Ah Springime, my favorite time of the year. These pictures were taken in Miami on the premises of a Juicy Couture boutique. I felt it was time to bring them out of winter hibernation as a signal to Spring. I am sure you are all feeling like me and are soooo ready to get rid of the winter colors and winter mood. Out with the darks and in with the vibrant or at the very least a color palette that is fresher in nature.

ALSO, I am happy to announce that my next post will be bringing on a colorful change. For the last 3 months I have been working with an agency in Paris that has helped me to form a new structure for my blog. I am now in "training" to understand how to use this new vehicle of communication. This is very exciting and much fun for me to "better" what I have been doing.

To tell you the whole truth, my last post on my beloved Serge Lutens was to have been the last on the old format. Hence, a few days have past since my last posting. Alas, technical advances for me are difficult.......I am slow........very slow. All I can say in my own defense is that my desire is there and I have found that I need to be very, very, very patient with myself.

Modern communication tools do not have a "not for over 60 years" age limit marked on them, so I shall continue giving myself the pleasure of trying to evolve and enjoy the various possibilities available. Let's just say life should always be about Springtime and giving yourself some fresh new colors.

Lots of xxxxx's, Linda

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