3 Girls in NYC

My initial reason for starting a blog seems blurred by now. However, I can say that more and more I do realize it is a personal and professional diary of sorts. So be it, and I have promised myself to stop feeling inadequate on either level. So, ladies, I am making a come-back after 3 weeks. I guess my planets have been retrograde or all lined up to test my patience and self-force. I have also decided that I shall forge ahead whatever comes my way. Of late it has been a broken camera (900 euros reparation!!!) and three tough weeks of weather changing health problems. Yes, three damned weeks of the most horrendous head cold ever. So, after two visits to my doctor and several rounds of “take this for 5 days” and now take this for “7 days”, I decided to take things into my own hands and pitch all pharmaceutical products into the trash bin, book a ticket for NYC and celebrate Tatiana’s 20th birthday. Her sister India and I have just arrived in NYC to surprise her. She has always wanted a surprise birthday, and I felt after 20 years, she deserved it.

I booked on-line (first time doing this) a hotel on the Upper East side of the city. I like shopping downtown but love sleeping uptown. Must be my Gemini personality shining through. That and the fact that India wanted me to change from my usual hotel. So, I have decamped from the Carlyle to the Surrey. Literally one block away!!!

Since I have decided to let this blog be personal, let me tell you that booking on-line has saved me a lot of money. I was hoping when I rang the Carlyle, being a loyal guest over the years, they might help me out with a competitive price. Not only could they have cared less at the reservations counter, I was offered a starting price of $300 more a night. Decision became quite easy at this point. Change is in the air. Sometimes one must go with the obvious.

The accompanying photo of me and my girls was taken right after a wonderful lunch at a new Japanese restaurant that India had discovered. Once again, I wanted to return to my old favorite. The girls wanted to introduce me to something new. As it is their weekend, I have decided to listen to their desires instead of insisting on the tried and true as I usually do. Result being that I absolutely adored the new venue of Blue Ribbon.

Let’s see what the girls have in store for me today. I promise to keep you posted. Yep, change is in the air, and I think I am ready.

Fashion note here: As I was perusing my photos of the day, I found it funny to see India, Tatiana and myself all sporting something quilted in this particular picture. Yes, me with my Chanel 2.55, Tatiana and her YSL jacket and then India with her Balenciaga jacket. In fashion, I guess something tried and true is reassuring. Even for the most creative designers who herald change on a seasonal basis, somethings must always remain the same.


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