Woodstar Cafe

It does not seem possible that Tatiana is in her third year of college at Smith in Northampton, Massachusetts. Honestly, I have the feeling that I was just speaking to you all about the joy and pain I experienced the first day I left her in front of her dormitory, drove back to NYC alone and boarded my plane home to Paris. I cried the two and a half hour drive back to New York City. Also, I was scared to death, because I had not driven in the United States in over 30 years. NOW, that is a LOT of emotions to deal with!!!

This week has seen me helping her move off campus into a new apartment. She convinced her father and myself that as a junior she deserved to have some private space to call her own. Obviously, I jumped at the opportunity to find myself once again feeling “totally needed” in helping her to buy and decorate the apartment. We have had an incredible week of mother-daughter walks and talks between her classes and arranging for the necessities in setting up her new home away from home.

Helping me to feel at home while here is a place I discovered on my first visit to Northampton. The wonderful Woodstar Cafe. Family owned and providing only the best produce for their freshly made daily sandwhiches, soups, bread and pastries. I take every opportunity available to run back to the Woodstar Cafe and appreciate the incredible ambiance of this unpretentious and delicious place to enjoy my breakfast or lunch while observing the busy comings and goings of the many college students, not to mention the locals, whom I am beginning to recognize.

So, with time I have become much less sad when leaving Tatiana behind to continue her studies. I attribute it to little things like the Woodstar Cafe that have made my visits much cheerier for when I need to once again say goodbye. Becoming acquainted with Tatiana’s surroundings and habits have helped me feel like I am also a part of her day while she is away at school. You know what I mean, right?

In fact, I think Paris needs a Woodstar Cafe. Afterall, look at all those menus? I could not even decide to exclude one photo that I took of those great choices. I think I just found myself another project!!!


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