45 RPM and My Obsession with It

Do you have guilty pleasures? I certainly hope so. What would life be without them. One day I will do a post on this blog thing of mine about my essential guilty pleasures. Until then, I will get you started with just this one.

45 RPM is a Japanese brand and one of quality. I discovered this great manufacturer of jeans, t-shirts and other essential items for my exisitence about 10 years ago while strolling down Mercer Street in Soho of NYC fame. Oh, dear, this brings back memories. I was married at the time. Anyway, moving along, me and my husband were curious about the inside of this low profile and total non-glitzy or high profile fashion emporium. It took all of 30 seconds to know this was a product to love. And love we did. I do believe we cleaned them out of our sizes in white long sleeved and short sleeved t-shirts, not to mention the authentic Japanese indigo t-shirts.

One divorce and many years later, it is still a go-to address when I hit NYC. Oh, yes, there is one in Paris, but each shop seems to stock (as most brands tend to do) different merchandise, and I cannot stand the thought of passing up a great opportunity to by another essential t-shirt. Hey, I am not the only one. As I read very regularly interviews by VIFP (very important fashion people), and very often they mention that their Faves in T’s are 45RPM. I feel so knowledgeable when I read this. Hey, people, I got there years ago. So, I feel part of the fashion family so to speak. Whatever, right? Well, Vera Wang for one loves them (read that in Bazaar a few years back). I will not go on name dropping, even though I could.

NOW, I must tell you. The owner himself has become one of my favorite clients in my own boutique in Paris. I am so honored and so impressed each time he walks through the door. He is the epitome of dressed down luxury. The Man has incredible style……..I would venture to say impeccable style. Perfectly groomed and perfectly dressed and knows perfectly what he likes. Chez Crimson he enjoys my basics in cashmere crew necks…….navy blue is his favorite color. Wait!!! I am starting to divulge private info here. He would surely not be miffed, but still, he deserves his privacy. So, Mr. T. excuse me. Looking forward to your next visit chez Crimson. Always a pleasure, sir.

Meanwhile, for those of you who care about authenticity and quality and great styling for low profile perfection, I have just given you an address for insiders. There are now two in NYC. One for the Soho crowd and one for the Upper East Side crowd. If I were you, I would visit both. Each has its own personality and choice of merchandise. Jeans are collectors items, their t-shirts for hoarding, and the oxford or poplin shirts are to die for and the cashmere/ wool or denim jackets and chambray cotton pants and those fabulous sea- mans’s coats and the scarves and…….yes, I am getting carried away……..but that is just the way each visit goes.

45RPM for Men and Women.

Love from Linda


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