India and Michel

India and her stepfather have always enjoyed a priviledged relationship. Their mutual admiration society has always been a source of pleasure for me. I took these pictures after a lunch the three of us had last week, and once again their complicity just goes to show that some relationships do not have to be complex or contemplated. They are just meant to be.

The generation gap of how they both were wearing their tweeds this day was interesting to me. Michel was wearing his English made herringbone tweed coat with his favorite 3 piece navy flannel suit. He always wears an all silk navy knit tie. His knit tie and his purple socks are kind of his trade mark.

India was wearing her Bonpoint tweed coat with Helmut Lang leather pants and Rag and Bone boots. Her modern twist on the subject of tweeds seemed perfect and his seemed perfectly in tune with hers.

Hope you all have a nice weekend. Baisers de Paris, Linda


Matia BaroniComment