French Windows

What one must realise in seeing these embroidered linen curtains is that they are hand embroidered. I pass them day after day all over Paris, and each time I find it difficult not to stop and look at the detailed work involved. They are vintage, they are romantic and they certainly speak of a time when Paris was perhaps more charming. Oh, DO NOT get me started on politics!!!

This next week will see me preparing my Crimson windows for Christmas and in the same week preparing the end of my collection for spring and summer of 2013. Yes, indeed, already looking forward to those bright colors for the sunshine days.

Wishing you all a great last week before the last month of the year 2012. Did you get that?

P.S. No, you are not seeing double in my blog posts and yes, the same picture is showing up twice. On top of Christmas windows and Summer Collection 2013, I have to return to the agency who helped me with this new blog layout a few months ago. After countless phone calls pleading for help, they have finally consented to Really Help me with the problem. Nice, no? Should never have paid up front!!! Remember that.


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