Uomo Hats for Girls

Every January there is the best exhibition called Pitti Uomo in Florence for international fashion buyers. Uomo translates into MEN, and I am always in attendance and checking out the latest looks for the Misters. Anyone involved in men’s fashion on a certain level must check this out.

Before continuing, I must admit, I have finally located the best bistro for pizza and a glass of Tuscan wine after years of research. Priorities, please……

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do NOT like to dress like a boy, but the overall masculin/feminin dressing is always the way I feel best dressed. Having said that, as I get older, I find it helps to mix that a bit more. Mix meaning throw in something pretty as in girly pretty. IN my case, a nice pair of earrings makes me feel like I am doing the trick. Not enough? You are probably right. I will work on that a little more. Let you know what I find.

Hence, these gorgeous hats. For several seasons, I found myself returning to a certain stand just to admire the quality of their hats for men. When I finally got up the courage to actually go on the stand and ask a few questions, I was rewarded with great news. Not only do they produce for Hermes and Gucci, buying a minimum for my little boutique in Paris was not a problem. Halleluiah and thank you, kind sirs, for being so accomodating.

Choosing a product that Crimson has never sold, is always stressful. Obviously, my clientel comes for the quality cashmere we have been producing for 28 years and are not usually open to other purchases. Still, I felt this buy needed a try. How long did it take me to decide on these three styles? Tooooo long if you ask the gentleman who was kind enough to go through the buy with me. I shall take him a box of chocolates from La Maison du Chocolat to reward his patience this next buying trip. Let me note that toute suite!!!

Success? Oh YES, those hats were so totally appreciated by the ladies. I bought small sizes and kept the colors in tabacco, chocolate and black. They did not stay “in shop” long and I am thrilled to return to Florence in a month’s time and buy twice as many.

Please do note and admire, the black hat. This was a special and (very expensive little number) to celebrate their 150 years of hat making.

Did I buy one for myself? Nope, because they were gone before I knew it.

One last personal note on the hats. My daughter, India, fell in love with them. She chose one. She promptly lost it or had it stolen (her version) and begged forgiveness and another hat. You probably figured out the end to this story.

Oh, India, you promised me a picture for my blog with you and your hat. You OWE me one!!!


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