A Peek at a Shoe

Did I mention that I bought new shoes in New York.

Belgian Loafers. Not one, not two, but three new pair. You can purchase yours on line.

One black printed lizard (not real lizard) with black piping and black bow.

One navy leather with navy leather piping and navy bow.

One green printed lizard (once again not real lizard) with black piping and black bow.

Two pairs of Stubbs & Wootton’s slippers. I loved visiting their shop on Madison and 76th on the Upper East Side.

One pair of green velvet with beige embroidered antlers.

One pair of bordeaux velvet with yellow feathered crest.

You wanted me to confess, right? Been wondering? No, not really? Well, anyway…….

Yes, but if you will notice in the pictures, I am carrying my really old vintage Hermes Kelly that you have seen time and time again. It is on the verge of semi-retirement. I use it rarely because of its fragile state. I am wearing my old APC jeans and a second season navy blue roll neck from Crimson.

Will confess, however, that my navy poncho is new, but hey, it is from my shop, so I am spared reproach, right?

Why do I still feel guilty buying something for myself? No in-house mister to whom I must justify my madness . My girls could care less and yet, I tend to hide my purchases from myself. See, I am even hiding behind my sunglasses. What is that about? Do you feel shy about your buys? Do you hide new purchases even from your girlfriends? Guilty pleasures come with a price, right? Or maybe not for you. Which is good.

Meanwhile, I love wearing my new Stubbs & Wootton slippers with Crimson’s colored socks and my jeans. Something about velvet loafers and jeans that make me feel comfortable with life.

In case you care, I had my jeans altered to just above the ankle and then I turn up the cuff up a bit so as to show off the socks and shoes. There is meaning to my madness, really. It is all about the different textures for me.

Take care of yourselves now, Linda


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