Creams and Things

It has taken me awhile to figure out what nourishes my skin and gives me the results I need. To say I have tried dozens of products over the years is an understatement. I have tried changing creams regularly in case my skin needed a wake-up call. I have seen dermatologists that have given me pharmaceutical creams. Believe me I have searched for products that work on my skin and do not cost more than I feel is necessary. I missed out on the gene factor that was passed down from my grandmother to my mother and to my sister. I find it amazing that each time I visit my sister in Texas, I always notice her skin always looks about 10 years younger than mine. She is 2 years older and a loyal fan of Olay products. Of course I tried her regime, but I do feel her beautiful skin is mostly due to the inheritance factor. However, not to slight Olay, because her maintenance program is working!!!

Meanwhile the cost factor is more than a burden for me. I feel guilty. I feel ridiculous. I feel selfish. Yet, I cannot stay away from my beloved Sisley products. Try as I have to go another and less expensive route, I see and feel the difference so vividly on my skin, that I run back to Sisley. I prefer these wonderful results for my skin than indulging in another kind of special treat for myself.

So I have decided to show you what I use. At 64 years of age, I can say that I feel my skin is aging better because of my Sisley Creams. By the way, Sisley has no idea who I am. Nope, no million dollar contract for saying I am a steadfast fan. Maybe some free samples?

Here we go:

Washing my face morning and evening with Bioderma Crealine H20 is my first step.

Next is followed by toning with Darphin.

Eye Cream

Darphin 8 flowers serum always goes under my day and night cream. I massage this one in very meticulously, because Chanel said one needs to massage one’s face at least once a day. I listened and learned that it is indeed a very good practice for the facial skin.

The buffing cream is essential once or twice a week.

Sisley’s lip balm is unbeatable.

My pink cream is for day and the white for night. Self explanatory on the jar, obviously.

P.S. I threw in my favorite hair serum from my go to hair salon in Paris. David Mallet does everything with class. He even created the best smelling candle ever!!! I buy them for my home and my boutique.

I am always open to suggestions, and I love the thrill of trying something new. However, at this point and time, I would ask for physical proof and not photo shop advertisements.


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