Anne and Juliette

Anne is someone I have known since she became a favorite client of mine about 15 years ago, when I had another boutique called Linda Wright in the 16th arrondisement of Paris. Over the years, a friendship has formed and I am priviledged to count her as a really good friend in the best sense of that word.

Her personal style is somewhat similar to mine in that she loves a masculin/feminin look. It’s always a treat when she comes around to the boutique, because her energetic approach to fashion is fun. Nothing makes me happier than when I feel a complicity in helping someone find that special something in my boutique, and Anne is always game to look, try, buy and eventually return with what she has bought to give more thought to the purchase. Understand that this is part of her pleasure. She loves clothes and the sensation of finding something that she will wear with joy and confidence.

I am not sure how she will react when she sees that I have posted this picture of her and Juliette, her beautiful young daughter, because capturing the both of them outside my boutique was initially to forward my photos for their personal enjoyment.

Admiration is something that is important in friendship, and with Anne, I am in total admiration. She is one of France’s most respected journalists and I know she returns this honor by maintaining her own level of integrity in her work and respect for her place among France’s elite.

Considering her intelligence, feminin charm and wicked sense of humor, I cannot help but wonder when she will become France’s Number One anchor woman. I can see the credits now……..Anne Fulda dressed by Crimson.

On this particular day, Anne was wearing her new 12 ply poncho from Crimson and Juliette her 12 ply cable scarf.

Anne Fulda, if you read this, do NOT feel I have betrayed your trust, just come and try on new scarves. We will have some fun!!! This should work…..

Much love to you and Juliette, Linda


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