Smile Girls

While my girls are sleeping, I am slipping this title in……..Smile Girls.

A little explanation? Let me try. As any typical parent, I have taken endless pictures of my girls, but I sense they might be tiring of my endless insistence. Hence, they are not always prone to give me SMILEY FACES. Does not mean they are unhappy, it only confirms they are not always in the mood for a photo shoot. Totally comprehensible, and I would go so far as to say they are more than patient and understanding. So, smiling for the camera has been banned by them. I accept their terms. They are patient with mine in return.

As I have them by my side so irregularly these days, I do not know what they are buying or wearing or liking. Exception being their “likes” on facebook!!! You know what I mean. So, being a parent who happens to be in the fashion industry, I am always interested in seeing how they are throwing themselves together these days. Believe me, they do not dress to capture my attention!!! However, as we are together during this family holiday in Marrakech, I take advantage of my photo opportunities. They will take advantage of shopping with me for after Christmas sales when we get back to Paris. Deal, girls?

First day in Marrakech, pool side.

India’s sunglasses: Givenchy

Tatiana’s sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

My choice of holiday sandals for their Christmas present: Zanotti

Accessories rule the day, but the rest is anybody’s guess. As it should be!!!


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