Theme for a Day in Marrakech

Marrakech is only 3 hours flight time from Paris, and this is important for a less stressful travelling agenda. Sunshine is not always assured on a daily basis, and our second day in Marrakech turned out to be one of covering up while relaxing at the pool. None of the family seems to mind as we are all tired from the fall season’s work load, so decompressing was the mode of the day.

As I just enjoying taking photos, I am not always sure when and where I might use one. So, I enjoy finding a theme around my results…….if indeed there are any at the end of the day. I might have learned the “theme business” when I was working for Femme magazine as a fashion editor. I also learned that the fashion magazine side of the fashion business was not for me. Far too many politics and way too many divas. Still, all experiences make one stronger I have learned, and all too quickly, I learned that I must find another direction. That’s another story and now back to Marrakech.

What is the theme you are asking? On a small scale, guys!!!

Blacks, green and beiges in the mosaics.

Black cashmere hoodie from Crimson for Tatiana

Beige cashmere scarf for India….yes, Crimson.

Beige and black python Rondini sandals…….my own.

Green silk safari shirt on India……Zara

See, theme learning is easy, and you did not have to endure a year of HELL at a magazine full of pretentious fashion people!!!


Matia BaroniComment