Dressing for Marrakech

It is a delicate moment when packing for a week’s trip to Marrakech. Temperatures for the early morning and evenings are always quite cool. So, packing includes necessary articles for the two extremes. I have found that layering is the only way to go. Of course, this means bringing more than I enjoy packing these days, but what’s a girl to do. Ignoring the obvious will always result in being uncomfortably cold at some given moment.

My silk pyjamas and tuniques from the french label La Prestic Ouiston got me through the week with lightness of being and my Crimson cashmere poncho was the perfect layer for warmth.

Tunique being a staple in this young french creator’s collection. They are always done in wonderful patchwork silk prints.

Silk pyjamas are available in solids or prints.

Crimson’s poncho in French Mustard

Last day in Marrakech and last day of the year. Let me take this moment to wish you all the best of this New Year in 2013.


Matia BaroniComment