Blue on Blue au Club 55

Scenario is the following: Three weeks of grey skies, wet and cold weather in Paris. Yes, I am depressed and non-productive. I cannot seem to write or think or create beautiful cashmere sweaters. Sad situation Linda is in. Enough already. I am out of here. Felt a bit guilty about leaving my co-workers at Crimson, but I have to save the honor of my blog and my brain. I Googled St. Tropez meteo (weather) and oh, glory, glorious sunshine for the entire week. One hour and twenty minute flight away from Paris. Round trip ticket is 296 euros (senior citizen fare!!!). Yes, I qualify!!! You are the first to know!!!

I will spend the next five days going to the beach at Club 55 and enjoying the sunshine. If this does not replenish my energies and inspirations, I will have to result to something more serious (needed an excuse to buy that Fendi Peek-a-Boo bag). In chocolate, please!!!

Packing had to be quick and easy……remember I am tired and depressed.

So, my favorite jeans in different weights and tones of blue…….Am I too serious about jean wearing?

3 white 45 RPM T’s.

3 Indigo 45 RPM T’s

2 Blue 45 RPM T’s

Two white jeans……one slim from Current Elliot and one wide legged from Ralph Lauren

One light weight and very washed out blue wide legged jean from 45 RPM

One pair of Tropezienne sandals in natural leather

One pair of bronz Havaianas

One blue denim cashmere poncho (eventual cool winds blowing off the Mediterranean Sea and evenings on the port after the sun has gone down)

Creams for night and day from Sisley (I have tried all facial creams manufactured in every corner of the world…….trust me on this…….and I always come back to Sisley). More details in a “coming soon” blog post.

APC dark denim slim jean for the plane with my navy cashmere blazer thrown over a 45 RPM white boat neck long sleeved T. My marled grey poncho in Scottish cashmere will add just the touch of added warmth…navy Chanel ballet flats will be the right transition from cool Paris to sun-shine filled St.Tropez. I’m out the door…..

Packed in my travel weary orange Goyard oversized tote is my very heavy Canon 5D camera. Did I mention that I am having really BAD back problems and feel that I might have to give up my beloved camera (maybe part of my depression….I love my camera). Do not have the vaguest idea of what a light weight but equal quality camera would be. Any and all suggestions welcome.

First day on the beach I found the beloved blues always available at the Club 55 boutique…….ahhh, I feel a smile coming across my face. Life is feeling good………..


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