Sunday Dressing and a Stroll

There is a saying in french that goes something like this……During the month of April, do not rid yourself of any clothing that you have been wearing during the winter months (sweaters, coats, boots, hats, etc.) and then do as you please starting the month of May. Point well taken when viewing my sunday ensemble…..

1) My Moncler light as a feather Chanel look alike jacket. This is the perfect layering article for keeping warm but not feeling weighed down. I have every intention of going this week to purchase one in bright orange or red. What the hell you only live once!!!

2) My faithful APC japanese denim boot leg jean. I have every intention of going this week to purchase another one but with a slim cut leg. What the hell you only ………nah, I do not believe you only live once. It just sounds good when I am in the mood to shop.

3) My black Hermes boots. I have had them for years and just got them back from the overhaul department at Hermes (yes, it exisits). I spent the money to have them resoled and re-whatevered so they would look like NEW. ‘Cause I ain’t goin’ out to buy another pair this week.

4) My extra-thin roll neck cashmere sweater from Crimson.

5) My 12 ply Windsor cashmere jacket from Crimson.

6) My washed silk twill scarf from Crimson by one of my favorite designers….Coco from Forget-Me-Not. I am collecting these now. I LOVE what she does. Always buy them for my shop each season.

7) New lipstick from Tom Ford. The salesgirl told me that one is sold every 5 minutes in the world. Number 13 Nude Blush

8) New perfume from Serge Lutens called Bas de Soie (silk stocking). I have decided to try a new one each time I run out of the old one. They are all amazing and for the first time in my life, I have found a brand I can wear and love.

O.K., that is what I am wearing today for my stroll from the 7th arrondisement to the Marais where I will be having brunch with my friend Joelle. We usually meet up at Rose Bakery for my favorite Mocha Soya on sundays.

I am giving you many images on this post, because it is such a pretty walk across the river from the Left Bank to the right Bank and cutting through the Louvre to arrive at my destination. I just took you prisoner from getting dressed to having my coffee.

I had a lovely day. Hope you did, also.


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