Tried, True and New

There can be various reasons for not having the desire to rush out and buy that new look. I have two very good reasons. My age tells me the new seasonal looks are more suited to my daughters age group. I must pick and choose carefully so as not to look overly eager to be “new season”. It has come gradually over the last few years. Honestly, I feel better if I am wearing something old and new. Mixing good classics with a fresh seasonal piece feels right for me. Another great reason is budget. I no longer want to spend the money for a “look” that will scream last season next season. In the end, it is a question of space. Space in my closet, space in my brain to keep up with fashion and space in my budget to care about The Buy.

Welcome accessories. Oh yes, I can wrap my mind around this with all the right senses. There are endless possibilities. Shoes, bags, scarves, jewellery, pretty new underpinnings…………you girls fill in the blanks for me here. This has become my new fashion challenge. Ask yourself which items already in your overcrowded closet are worth keeping and updating with accessories. Just give those other items away and make way for something “feel good” about the purchase.

We are all following the philosophy of mixing less expensive with more expensive pieces. How about “tried and true” with “something new”. With this in mind, I find renewed joy and justification in shopping…..even window shopping.


Matia BaroniComment