No Photos Allowed

When I was in Los Angeles a few days ago, I had the pleasure of staying at the truly wonderful Beverly Hills Hotel. I suppose the place is perhaps mythic, and I do respect that, but seriously No Photos Allowed. This is what I was told when I pulled out my camera at the swimming pool. Honestly, I looked around the pool and saw no famous faces. As a matter of fact, there were no faces at all, because I was the only one at the pool so early in the morning. I tried to explain that I was just wanting a few pictures of the palm trees and the pretty poolside lounge chairs. However, the young, good-looking, muscular, all in white and apparently very serious about the NO PHOTOS ALLOWED policy pool boy said, “M’am, just put your camera away NOW”.

Several thoughts crossed my mind. Several reactions were a possibility. In the end, I decided it was not necessary to react negatively to a rather silly situation. So, put away my camera I did, but not before I took just one picture to remind myself that NO PHOTOS are allowed.


Matia BaroniComment