Red or Black???

Three years ago I bought for my youngest daughter a pair of BLACK boots from Chloe. This particular boot came in red or black at the time. It would seem that Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth both bought theirs in RED. Sienna Miller has been photographed in hers several times and hince, the RED Chloe boot has become iconic. Just Google it……Sienna Miller and red Chloe boots. You will get the picture or pictures in this case. These boots were an immediate best seller and sold out quickly world-wide. I prided myself on “understanding” right away the need to own said boot. Yes, I exaggerate when I said need, but it makes the story sound more urgent, right?


Tatiana has literally worn hers out. I stole them from her when she was home for school break at Christmas to have them over-hauled at the local shoe repair place. They did look better one week later, but still, they have more than just a little patina. They look positively exhausted. Tatiana was thrilled to have them back in her grasp and proved it by immediately putting them back on her feet.

Big News!!! They just reproduced this now “iconic” boot in a limited series. I obviously put my name on the waiting list and have returned at least once every week to assure my position on said list. NEVER take these lists for granted. Remind your sales person regularly that you are indeed waiting and wanting said article. Made my point clear here?

Now, girls, the stress begins. Do I replace Tatiana’s black ones or do I purchase a Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth red pair. Because believe me when the young man called and told me I had to decide immediately, I panicked. I asked the girls I work with. They said replace the black. I asked Tatiana’s father. He said buy the red. One Chloe salesperson said red, the other said black. I bought the Red. Just managed to get Tatiana on the phone today (remember she is away at college in Massachusetts and not always readily available for these big decisions). Guess what? She wants the Black.

Let us all say a little prayer that when I run to Chloe tomorrow at opening hour, there will be one little pair left in black.

Yes, all this and I run my own business, too. Just call me wonderwoman. Obviously, I have my priorities in order.

Hello Chloe? Help!!! Exhausting trying to make these decisions. What would you have done?


Matia BaroniComment