Home is Where The Heart Is

Third day in St. Tropez and I am beginning to feel my energy coming back. Sun, sea and sand….the natural elements of a beach life have always been magical for me. Strange phenomenon considering I was born and raised in West Texas, home to Coors beer, cactus and cowboys. Two worlds apart really…….St. Tropez and Ft. Worth, Texas. My grandmother’s dream was that I would return home to Texas some day and marry a rancher or a banker. You see, these were the only two respectable professions in her eyes. Well, my grandmother was the light of my life, and I am sorry I have not lived up to her expectations. However, for the moment, I am adrift in another setting and living an entirely different scenario. Still, I feel she is smiling down on me and enjoying my travels.

Meanwhile back to the day’s happenings. First rendezvous was chez Rondini to purchase my new sandals that were just completed for me. As I mentioned yesterday, these were planned for last summer. Problem being that the crocodile skins had been ordered early but were only received by the end of august. So, we programmed production for the beginning of this new summer season. Following me? I hope so, because this tale sounds out of control. So, I will just wrap it up. Got them, love them and have no idea with what I will be wearing them. Random purchase that lasted a year.

Maybe life would be more simple back home on a ranch. So, eventually, I could take you all with me to trade in my Rondini’s for a new pair of cowboy boots and my Mini Moke for a Pick-Up Truck? Granny will be happy!!!


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