Betsy and the Summer Beach

There are so many blogs these days, and I am still trying to find the right reason for taking up space in this sphere. This is definitely not a hard core fashion blog although my business is fashion, and most of my posts are motivated by fashion in some sense of that word. Let’s just say my blog is part lifestyle/ part personal diary. So, let’s just move on from there…..The following story is definitely personal diary stuff. You see, I have three best friends….Betsy Berry, Mary Beth Manarchy and Grace Leo. Betsy has created an incredible concierge service for the beautiful Hampton’s townships outside NYC. Marybeth is a very successful photographer in Chicago. Grace Leo is CEO of GLA, an international hotel development and hotel management company.

The girl in the picture above is Betsy and she has been my best friend for 40 years. We met while modeling in Chicago. It was our karma to meet and accompany each other throughout the years. She moved to New York to continue her very successful career as a Top Model, and I moved to Paris to finish my modeling career and begin my fashion business. Our friendship became stronger and stronger over the years. Me and my two daughters always looked forward to spending time with Betsy and her two daughters at her home in the Hamptons outside of New York City. Betsy is a master of beautiful interiors and spending time in her home is always a dream. Betsy creates dreams for the people lucky enough to employ her services through Hamptons Get It Done.

When I was recently in The City of New York for my trunk show at the Carlyle Hotel, Betsy came for tea and we had a chance to talk. You see, Betsy and I had our first serious argument a year ago and had not spoken since. I was sure I was right, and as most arguments go, she was sure she was right. I will spare you the details…….those are for Betsy and Me…….what I will share is the lesson I learned. True friends remain true friends. Right or Wrong is not important. Love and Loyalty is.

I gave this scarf from Crimson’s spring collection to Betsy as a gift. She made this picture on our “girls” summer beach as a gift for me. Best friends are forever.


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