Navy Blue and Aqua Green

O.K., this was be the last time I shall use my “stars and stripes” scarf in a post. You have understood by now that I LIKE it, right? It’s one of those things. I just feel good with it around my neck or nonchalantly draped over my bag. Yea, I’m just cool that way. It is definitely going to be my summer go to scarf. Funniest thing is I sell it very well in my boutique (men and ladies), but when I had it for my trunk show in NYC and L.A., the American ladies did not care for it at all. NO ONE bought it. What’s the deal? Tooo American flaggish? Maybe, but I like it, anyway. Once it is around the neck, one does not notice it is really an American flag anyway. Anyone changing their mind?

This new bag I just purchased at the Club 55 boutique. Corinne always has the best summer bags. I thought it funny that this bag has the same colors as my scarf……navy and aqua green in contrast with navy……obviously had to have it. Then when walking around St. Tropez today, I stumbled upon a little boutique that does instant embroidery. I had bought some great classic J. Crew pyjamas when I was last in NYC and thought it would be fun to have my initials sewn on them. After the beach today, I ran home and took my freshly washed and ironed pj top back to the embroidery shop. The gentleman assumed I would want navy blue stitching. Well, no way!!! I asked for the same aqua green that I have found on my scarf and new bag. Who would have ever thought this color made navy look new. So, Linda has a whole new outfit. Yes, I will be wearing that pyjama top as a great summer blouse with jeans. I will count the number of people who ask me if I am wearing my pj’s. That’s just obviously going to happen, right?


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