My Mack

The wonderful Mackintosh raincoat was first produced in 1832 by Charles Macintosh. Later some disrespectful individuals changed the name and added a K. However, it is still made in the United Kingdom and still involves an enormous amount of handwork in producing this beautiful accessory. Be my guest in Googling to have the entire history .

I am the proud owner of three Macks… beige and one black and one leopard print. Posts have already been done on the other two over the past two years. Considering the fact that I use them regularly as an overcoat whether it rains or not, posting was inevitable.

I always feel chic when donning them even if it is to protect myself from those pouring rains in Paris.

Today I paired my beige Mack with a slim white jean from Current Elliot and my Hermes jodphur boots.

Talk to you soon, Linda


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