Personalized Tee’s

A few weeks ago, a wonderful friend gave me a wonderful gift. Something I had admired on her, a paper thin Petit Bateau stripped tee. A few days later, she showed up in my boutique and gave me one of the two that she had purchased. This is special, because it is a discontinued item, and as most discontinued items go, it is the PERFECT TEE to have.

A few weeks later, I find myself in St. Tropez (that was two weeks ago, yes……again!!! and more pictures to follow) in front of an ages old little boutique on a little side street that specialises in monogramming necessary articles for the boats that come into port. You know things like polos for the boat’s crew, towels for everyone on the boat, caps, dirty laundry bags, etc. So, being an advocate of all things personalized, I raced home, got my new favorite tee and returned to choose the color and style of my monogram. This never fails to make me feel special. Yep, I LOVE monograms. Just ask my daughters. I have made them crazy over the years, monogramming almost anything I give them. Yep, they HATE monograms.

In case you are wondering just how difficult this creation was, these are the things I pondered. So, what is best on a navy and white striped tee? Fushia because fushia obviously has some blue in it, hence, with navy seems like a natural. Coral because coral screams summer fun. Tired of the details already? O.K. Turquoise it is!!! Why? Because I thought it would look so cool wearing that tee with my initials monogrammed in turquoise with my favorite turquoise cotton velvet Juicy Couture pants.

If my girls are reading this, they are rolling their eyes and thinking Oh My God, Mom, that is so not cool and you look ridiculous. I am thinking I do not care what they think…….!!!

Love you girls, Mom

P.S. Special thanks to Ellise, aka The Cowgirl Chef, for my special gift. You are simply the best.

P.S.S. Ellise has a wonderful blog and a great new cookbook that just came out. Do google The Cowgirl Chef and have a hell of a good time reading what this talented girl has to offer:


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