Sabrina from St. Tropez

I have known her since she was that lovely and timid 10 year old hanging out with my young daughters in St. Tropez. Ah, those were the years. I got to take Sabrina, India and Tatiana to the local amusement park, buy them cotton candy and actually decide when they should all come home. Times have changed and so has Sabrina.

She was born and raised in that mythic seaport village, but eventually felt the need for a change. She packed her bags and said goodbye to her family and the childhood boyfriend she had known forever. The City of Lights loved her, obviously. She modeled and became a photographer’s assistant for awhile.

On my last visit to St. Tropez, I ran into Sabrina and she invited me to her home. She has been back for awhile now and is the epitome of that saying “Home is Where the Heart Is”. She married her childhood boyfriend and has created a “charmed atmosphere” for their two young boys, Matteo and Andrea.

Twenty years later, Sabrina has grown into a gracious and beautiful young woman. St. Tropez would not be the same without her.


Matia BaroniComment