All Dressed Up?

I do not know how to dress up in the proper sense of the word. Dress? Cannot seem to pull it off. The problem being that each time I wear a dress (yes, it happens once or twice a year), the “feeling of not feeling” like myself pops into mind. Why do I think people are looking at me and thinking WHY? Just last week I wore a pencil skirt to work (the Row – made of black cotton knit- looked like a t-shirt skirt!!!) and the minute I stepped foot into my boutique, the girls were like “Oh, wow and Oh, Linda”. Nope, they did not finish their sentence. Believe me I tried to dress it down. Even wore The Skirt with a surfer print t-shirt and finished it off with a pair of Rondini sandals. So, you see, even while trying to wear a skirt, I am pretending it is a jean.

What is wrong with me? While I am confessing, I might as well go the whole mile. A few years back (when I was a married lady), my then husband (who has perfect taste, always) purchased about a dozen Chanel suits (haute couture) at an auction in Paris for me. That was about 12 years ago. Nope, could not wear them. I do adore them, mind you, but still they are hiding in the attic and will come out when the right person comes along that will wear them with love. I should take pictures and show them to you one day. Noted.

Yesterday I had a wedding to attend. I threw together an “ensemble”. My recipe for the occasion?

One pair of 3 year old Valentino jeweled shoes. One black silk t-shirt from my boutique from two seasons ago. One black cashmere cardie from my boutique from two seasons ago. Prada bow belt from two winter season ago. So far, so good. Now, the expenses I went to for the occasion, because something new was needed and summer sales were screaming for me to have some fun. I LOVE these Celine silk pants purchased at 40% off and my lovely Nina Ricci bracelet also purchased at 40% off. Voila, Linda all dressed up and off to the wedding.

For those of you who are wondering. I have decided not to retouch my photos (all spots and/or wrinkles will be allowed). Yes, even those in my silk pants!!!


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