Where is Bibi?

Two days in a row, I find myself wanting to profile the younger generation. Perhaps it is their beautiful energy or perhaps it is just their beauty. In any case, Bibi is examplary of both.

Bibi was also a high school friend of my daughter, Tatiana. They both attended the International School of Paris. As I remember, there were 26 nationalities learning together. I appreciated this school as it opened many windows on the world for it’s students.

Teheran is where she is from, but this young artist has made the world her home. Bibi took a gap year and travelled the world over. I was priviledged to see her photos on face book and grew to appreciate her eye for photography…..always personal…….often intense.

This year Bibi returned to Paris to study art. On this particular day that Bibi graced my shop with her presence, she informed me that she had just been accepted to St. Martin’s, the very prestigious art school in London starting next fall. Then she was out the door and headed for a summer of travelling and more photgraphing. When I asked her where she was going, I just got a shrug of the shoulders and a huge smile on that gorgeous face. So, your guess is as good as mine. Where is Bibi?


Matia BaroniComment