Deborah, the Coolest Gal in Town

Deborah was a schoolmate of my daughter, India about 10 years ago and is now my neighbor living just across the street from my boutique. I have come to know her morning routine. She walks out the front door around 10:00 with her dog on a leash in one hand and a cigarette in the other. I always check out the way she is dressed. Deborah is way cool, and I mean that. Her allure is kind of California surfer meets Parisienne bohemian-chic.

Anyway, Deborah has just launched her first business endeavor. She came up with the idea for those bracelets that I was wearing in the posting just before this one. Remember those fun and summery colorful bracelets…….her creation. India is selling them on her blog ( and I am selling them in my boutique. Everybody loves them and we are having so much fun wearing them. They are the It Summer Item to buy.

Deb’s, you are a delight, but ditch the cigarette!!!


Matia BaroniComment