Write It Down

I was diagnosed as being “attention deficit” a few years ago. It did not take that New York City specialist long to know one when he saw one. Now that I have accepted and fully assumed this particular personality trait, there are certain “essentials” needed at all times. As I seem to go off in several different directions several times a day, it is necessary for me to write my thoughts down. This way, at the end of the day, I can go back and rethink or even better think certain ideas that had popped into my mind during the day or even the day before or even the day before that.

I always have two or three of my favorite “inspirations” agendas made for me each time I am in London. One of my first stops is always the Smythson shop on Bond Street. A wonderful added touch is the gentlman who is on hand to personalize one’s purchases. As you know, I love personalizing, so I always add my initals embossed in gold. Years later, I have my own little library. Kind of like an on going diary………

Have a good weekend, Linda


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