This is not the first time I have profiled Joelle on my blog. She is always my GO TO GIRL for style. Prada is probably the most prominent component in her wardrobe each and every season. However, she dabbles in Louis Vuitton and Isabelle Marrant. Believe me when I tell you she has a natural instinct for choosing just the right pieces that assures an impeccable and elegant outcome.

Sunday’s are a sometimes opportunity for Joelle and I to catch up with each other over brunch at Rose Bakery in the Marais. As I have mentioned before, Joelle is an interior archictect and designer very much in demand in all corners of the world. So, catching up with her is not an easy feat. I must admit, when I know I shall be seeing her, I tend to bring my camera along. There is always something to shoot!!! She did not disappoint today.

Joelle has an unbelievable collection of beautiful Hermes scarves, and I always have fun seeing how she wears them. Well, she blew me away today, girls. Joelle decided to make herself some pyjama pants with some of her favorite scarves.

Now, I do not know about you, ladies, but I am dreaming of having the same. Yep, she has done it again.

I’m telling you…….the girl has style like no one else I know.


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