Bicycle – rue de l’Universite’ – Paris 75007

I see this bicycle everyday. Always parked in front of the same door and on the same street I take each morning going to my boutique. I live in the 7th arrondisement in Paris. Just two blocks from the Seine and an incredible view of the Louvre. Still, my favorite spotting is this bicycle. Comforts me as though I have spotted a friend.

My curiosity always gets the best of me. Who does it belong to? How old is the owner and how long have they owned this particular bicycle. I have a thought. The bicycle changes with time, but the basket stays along for the continuous ride. I particularly love the black bow with the wicker.

I have lived in this neighborhood for just a short period of time, and do not have a grasp on the habits of my new neighbors. Now, that August is upon us and Paris is emptying out for the annual month of vacation, I am wondering if “The Bicycle” will leave, also.


Matia BaroniComment