Ballet Shoes

How many pairs of ”ballerines” (ballet flats) can one girl own? But these are on sale…….you can see for yourself as the price is in the window. They have gone from 180 euros to a current retail price of 99 euros.

I have recently been told by one of my readers that I needed a reality check. If she only knew……my whole life has been a reality check!!! Anyway, back to the question at hand. Serious business here, girls!!! Can’t you just imagine either the pretty raspberry pink or yummy summery yellow (more poetic like this) teamed with a great linen/cotton blend light blue denim pant (obviously large at the bottom) and a perfectly white V-Neck short sleeved cotton t-shirt. Those darling liberty print ties at the top are to die for. Oh, yes, now I am getting carried away. Afterall, it is just another pretty pair of ballet shoes. Reality check indeed…. I am there at opening hours tomorrow to see if they still have my size. Hope reality does not deal me a hard blow!!!

Lovin’ ya…..Leavin’ ya, Linda


Matia BaroniComment