Summer Breeze

Bla-Bla is the name of the boutique in St. Tropez. That kind of says it all, no? I have wandered in and out of this little jewel for the last 22 years on each and every visit to St. Trop. Vivienne is the owner and is the epitome of “bohemian chic”. She is and always was. Having no idea what “trends” mean, she remains true to her own style that is far away from the fashion world. Her world is St. Tropez for all seasons. Vivienne lines up a myriad of summer looks that lead to her cavern of Ali Bla-Bla (sorry , just could not help myself). Cheesy, right?

I am convinced if she knew anything about BLOGS, she would be appalled that I would dare to include her. Much too much attention to her little corner of the world.

Get over it, Vivienne, as you are the original IT GIRL. Now, she will kill me………


Matia BaroniComment