Who’s That Girl?

Her name is Kifu and she lives in Paris. Her parents are the creative force behind the brand Augousti, which is regularly featured in Bazaar, Elle and any other top fashion/lifestyle magazine.

My first encounter with Kifu was when my daughter Tatiana started a new high school in Paris, and Kifu stepped in on the first day to make sure she felt welcome. Their complicity was spontaneous and Kifu’s kindness made her a favorite in our household.

Tatiana left for college and Kifu still had two years to go before graduating. Sometimes the mom gets left behind when the friend leaves home, but Kifu’s sweet spirit continued with her dropping by my shop regularly and inviting me to lunch.

My shop girls and I love when Kifu floats in for a quick hello. She never fails to impress us with her style. One must keep in mind that she just turned 18, but age has nothing to do with this girl’s fashion sense. There are those who label her Provocative, I label her Fabulous. Kifu will never need anyone’s approval in the way she puts herself together as she is the fashion editor’s dream. Mark my word, in a few years, you will see her name in print again, but with a title befitting her…….Editor in Chief.

Sarah Lawrence College will be her address starting in the fall. I would give big bucks to see the heads turn on her first day of school. Yep, they will all be asking, “Who’s that Girl”.

Kifu’s choices of the day:

Dress by Thomas Wylde, sandals from Alexander McQueen and cashmere sweater from Crimson


Matia BaroniComment