Lagonissi Hotel@Athens, Greece

Bare with me for the first few days of my vacation. I need some rest & relaxation before I become acquainted with the Acropolis. Yes, timing will be everything for my cultural exploits, and no, Athens in midday August heat will not be on my agenda.

For the moment I am settling into my hotel on a peninsula about 45 minutes outside of Athens. It is early evening and I am watching the waves hit the shore and the sea gulls moving about in the sky. Athens will have to wait a day or two until I feel my head can handle some history.

Meanwhile, I had the hardest time packing for this trip. As I have never been to Greece, questions about what to bring were numerous. The closest thing I could compare dress wise (in my mind at least) was St. Tropez. So, I packed according to what I would bring if I were still summering in St. Trop.

My problem these days are I HATE my legs, I HATE my arms and I really HATE my neck. WTH (what the hell)!!! I feel like it has all gone downhill overnight. Still, I am not ready to give up shorts, short sleeves and even Diane Keaton would not wear turtle necks in Greece. Remember in Something’s Gotta Give. Now, I could relate to that. But NOT in Greece.

For my vacation pictures, be prewarned, I am NOT retouching…….veins, age and sunspots and wrinkles will be displayed.

Linda’s classics: 45RPM t-shirt, Lily Pulitzer shorts, Ralph Lauren grosgrain belt, Laura Urbinati basket (sold at Crimson) and Maui Jim sunglasses


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