Pink is pretty. My personal motto. In my shop, I always advise my ladies on something in Pink Cashmere if it is not already in their closet. Every girl needs a pink cashmere sweater and a string of pearls. Yes, I really do say that. Just ask my daughters. It has become a joke between the two of them. I do not mind if it makes them giggle or still roll their eyes after all these years. However, I am in Greece now and do not need to talk about any color of cashmere for goodness sake. It is about 40° celcius in the shade.

Obviously bright summer colors are needed here. Obviously the only tote to bring here (and anywhere else in the whole wide world) is my handy LL Bean Boat and Tote. I always order the extra large for trips. Perfect airplane carry on and perfect for the beach or pool. This is a miracle bag. I have been ordering them for the last 35 years. I always have two or three on hand. They grow old gracefully and I love it when the handles are almost strings, because that means it has seen a lot of places in our life and time together. Navy Blue is a must and a basic to have. I like to add a fun color for summer in my collection, so I ordered up this bright pink. One fabulous aspect of these classic totes from LL Bean is that they can be thrown in the washing machine. Much better after a few washes as they become softer and more pliable. However, I know some people like to keep the stiffness to them. Personal choices these. Anyway, for those of you who are not educated in the business of LL Bean, do yourself a favor and click on to some great bags with LL Bean.com.

They ship anywhere in the world. Oh, yea, before I forget, do have yours personalised with your initials or a name or word. LL Bean offers different styles in monograms, also. Check this all out. Time’s a wastin”.

I have been eyeing these little pouches at Hermes since awhile now. So practical, really. I will cut this short and admit to having bought all thee sizes. Small, medium and large. The one you see in the picture is large.

I organise with them. Keeps all my bags neater when I use them. No longer just throwing everything in the bag of choice. I honestly think it saves on the wear and tear when “articles” are neatly organised in these little Hermes pouches. Obviously had to be pink to go with the LL BEAN.

Now, the crowning touch. Literally!!! My handy straw hat from La Cerise sur Le Chapeau. Fab little shop in the 6th arrondisement of Paris sells them. Brain child of some good looking girl who runs the shop. You can also order them online. Great attraction being that you can choose the color of the band running around the outside, you can choose the color of the little band going over the band on the outside and you can also choose the color of the inside band. All different colors if you DESIRE. Obviously, I added a little pink. What you do not get to enjoy is that my inside band is……………pink.

Yes, indeed, pink is pretty. Oh, come on now…….Are you rolling your eyes, also?


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