Reds and Blues in Greece

Some of my all time favorite colors combinations involve blues and red. Try sky blue and red or turquoise and red. These two colors really seem to bring out the best in each other.

My red cotton short was a great find at Battaglia in St. Tropez. I bought it a size too large so it would hit my hips. This vintage blue shirt is from my ex. Just the softess of cottons after about 20 years of wear. Best way to have that quality patine on any given clothing article is just to Wear It With Love time after time. Obviously, it is way too big for me, but I like it as a beach cover-up, also. Light and easy does it.

Last but not least is this fabulous Greek Salad that I am enjoying everyday for lunch. Seriously, I have discovered that the only place to have a Greek Salad is in Greece. Sun ripened tomatoes, fresh feta cheese, black olives, crisp cucumbers, green peppers and just the right amount of origano sprinkled on top. As if it is the most natural thing in the world, this is always served with fresh olive puree (tapenade) and fresh olive bread. I’m thinking Olives might be a local produce!!!

Sending love from Greece, Linda


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