Summer Album

I am very happy these days in Greece, for several reasons. However, the one special reason is because my daughter, India and her boyfreind, Diego have joined me for a few days before going off on their own to join Diego’s family on the island of Meganissi.

Spending summer vacation in Greece is not new to Diego. His father came to Greece some 30 years ago and fell in love with the islands and its people. So, it would seem that every summer since he has been returning and bringing his family with him. Diego has been sharing his memories of all those beautiful summers spent exploring different islands each summer with his family. There is a wealth of incredible memories.

Thank you India and Diego for a week full of love and laughter with your bright and beautiful faces. Oh, yes, and a special thanks for teaching me how to play UNO!!!

Enjoy Meganissi and beyond.


Matia BaroniComment