Now being of the want to do, but not always knowing how to do, forgive me if technically speaking you cannot access this site by just clicking below.

First time I am trying to REPOST a blog address that I have discovered:

Providence Ltd. Design‘s photo.

Now, imagine this. I am perusing facebook this calm sunday morning in Paris and suddenly a photo on my friend Betsy Berry’s page captures my attention. YES, Betsy, I was checking out your page!!! You have always inspired me, and I love to see what you love. Your design sense is just the best, darling.

I had plans to make it to the organic market this morning…….every sunday on blvd. Raspail……..and one needs to arrive before 9:00. However, I became so wrapped up in the dream pictures on this site that time got away.

Thanks, Betsy, love you.

Enjoy your sunday, Linda


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