Nothin’ Special, Boring, But Me

Must confess, I do not always know where I am going with my photos and my blog posts. Why? Who For? And Who Cares? These are questions that repeatedly come to mind. The answer is constant. I ENJOY it and I honestly feel there are women out there who enjoy my musings and can relate. The fact is, I have a hard time finding an image I can relate to in the day to day fashion world. My findings fatigue my brain. Those wonderful magazines full of gorgeous designer clothes and gorgeous girls. Yes, I still buy them and I still spend a lot of time pouring over them. It feeds my senses in so many ways, but leaves me feeling disappointed in so many other ways.

This is new for me, because every Vogue, Bazaar, and Elle magazine in the printing world passes before my eyes at sometime each month. I buy several and I peruse even more at my local SMITH book store on rue de Rivoli. Fashion magazine perusing has been a huge personal pleasure since I was 16 and I am now 64. Inevitable my disappointment I suppose, but this still leaves me feeling a bit bewildered. Am I just not “getting it” or have I “outgrown” fashion or has fashion “outgrown” me? Probably the latter. But WAIT, why do I continue searching for that great NEW piece each season? No, I am definitely not through with caring about dressing myself, but I the reality is I need something I can relate to (yes, that word again). I have come to the realisation that I cannot appreciate a made-for-the-moment look. This sounds so very serious, but it AIN’T. I continue to LOVE fashion…….but I just want to feel like me and not the “designer”. This is not easy, girls. It takes discipline to not just take it to the counter and pay for it. These days, I look, I try on and I give myself some time to decide if I can mix it up with my already existing “essentials” and not look too fashionable. Call me crazy, but my goal today is to not look too fashionable. I need a style not a look. I regret that my style is not polished or always well chosen, because I admire women who know how to do that. I think of Joelle, my Parisienne friend, or Eve, a great beauty and style guru from Los Angeles. There are maybe 20 years difference in their ages, however, they were both born with great style sense. All too rare!!! You see, this is my point, women with their own true style are hard to come by. This is not what we see in the monthly fashion magazines. Magazines project looks not style. NOT to worry, ladies, because I think you can also learn how to dress with style…….but most importantly is to learn to dress with your own style. I can recognize that woman the instant I see her. Those are the ladies that I can appreciate and very often find myself wanting to imitate. Style convinces me. This is what I have learned over the years. I like to see a woman and appreciate what I see and not just recognize when and where she bought that outfit. There is always something truly special about her. I try to understand her. Yes, I might even run out and try to buy some of the “details” I have noticed on her. Forgive me, girls!!! Yes, I want Eve’s beautiful timeless quality. Yes, I want Joelle’s perfect pick of the season.

The photos above all this rambling depict my own look yesterday. Nothing special, very boring, but it feels like me.

Denim Jacket: 45RPM (found in NYC Mercer Street boutique) This year!

White T-Shirt: 45RPM (found in Paris Place St. Honore’ boutique) This year!

Seersucker Pant: Ralph Lauren (found in Paris blvd. St. Germain boutique) Three years ago!

Grosgrain Belt: Ralph Lauren for men (found in London New Bond St. boutique) Three years ago!

Belgian Shoes: (Found in their ONLY shop on 55th St. NYC) Two years ago!


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