I must admit that I have been wanting to post something on this amazingly talented individual for several months. However, I felt like I could never do this subject justice. What was I waiting for? Honestly, I was just afraid that I was not apt enough to write about her talent or that my blog could not show well enough the pictures I have of her finished works of art.

Well, in the end my desire is just to honor someone special in my life. Erica Rollings is my cousin and she lives in Savannah, Georgia. She has always painted, but when she started designing and creating her own glass works, her talent came alive. It is at this point, that I know visuals will be speaking better than any words I have to offer. I have chosen just a few of my favorites to show you. It is so easy for me to imagine a perfect place for any one of her wonderful glass works. Her incredible art form deserves to cherished and placed in a space to be enjoyed at any given moment.

Erica creates around different themes. I am especially touched by her botanicals. I am sure you will find your own favorites amongst her diverse subjects.

All of her work can be found on-line under the name of Erica Rollings…..Glass Works.

All my love and admiration to you, Cuz


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