Marie Francoise, forgive me, but I must. Here is the truth. While I was taking her picture, Marie Francoise said “Maybe I should take off my headband so I look a little less bourgeoise”. Look up bourgois in the dictionary and you might find the following statement. Bourgeois: a person whose attitudes and behavior are marked by conformity to the standards.

Sorry, Marie Francoise, but I did not recognise you in this definition. You smile and you laugh. Oh, sweetheart, you are joyful!!! No, this is definitely not standard bourgeois behavior……Parisienne Style. Nevermind, don’t change a thing.

As far as bourgeois style? Your conformity is off there, also. Good grief, Marie Francoise, you have personal style!!! A panoply of details that are charming and pretty to my eye. Want to know what I like? Yes? No? Here goes:

Those tortoise shell sun glasses. The medium sized gold hoop earrings. Her personal collection of gold chain bracelets. Her catholic medallion. Her Boucheron blue crocodile watch band that goes with her jeans. Her red cotton thread bracelets that compliment her Red Belgian Loafers. The Abercrombie blue checked blouse with an Hermes belt. The “nothing screams fashion” choice of jeans. Her Louis Vuitton cabas. The blue grosgrain headband. The clean skin and natural aging of her face. Her fit silhouette.

Bourgeoise, maybe? A class act definitely.

With love from this outback Texan.


Matia BaroniComment