Justine has a perfect eye as far as I am concerned. She is one of those rare individuals who always gets it right and never strays from what is best for her. She is the epitome of girly in only the best sense. She pulls off pink as if it were basic navy or black. Floral prints seem like perfection on her. Anything “it” seems like she has had it forever and wears it with such charm that you would die to have the same. On this particular day, Justine had accessorized her silk floral dress with a great mini Fendi Peek-a-Boo bag and Chloe ballet shoes. Her taste level is surprising for her young age and she carries it off with the ease of a seasoned fashion editor.

When she pops into Crimson, she takes her time and moves from one article to the next. I can tell she is thinking about what she is seeing and touching. Perhaps graceful consideration best describes her shopping personality. She is that rare person who shows respect for the effort and love that is needed to have a successful clothing boutique. Justine makes me and my shop team feel good about our working results.

Santa Monica, California has been her home for the last few years while she pursued her studies at Pepperdine. Her decision to return to Paris for her professional career will undoubtedly brighten up someone’s team.

Only worthy people need apply for her presence, please.


Matia BaroniComment